Our Work


NamNam is a unique app to meet new people and explore interesting places at the same time. NamNam is a unique app to bring quickly online connection into a real world, real relationship, partnership, and friendship. NamNam helps to find the right person and ask to join your activity.

Extended Team in Kyiv

TBC Bank is the biggest bank in Georgia. TBC owns ibanking system which was recognized as one of the best worldwide.

IT Development Office in Kyiv

Our client is a company which provides gambling services. Previously this company had a bad experience with outsourcing providers and decided to create the IT Development Office themselves.920 Solution took all the responsibilities to create the office starting with the blank page.


Webportal and management system for online gambling website.

Online Banking for individuals

Internet banking UX and UI for Societe General subsidiary “Bank Republic”.

Sportsbook Solution

Sportsbook webapp + management system