Mobile Application Development


What is it

Our Mobile Development team will achieve the best possible application of your business processes to a mobile platform – whether you need a Minimum Viable Product or complex mobile application with third-party integrations:

  • Conversational apps with artificial intelligence and voice-based personal assistants
  • Mobile apps with wearables and smart home products integration
  • Apps with biometric authentication
  • Applications with geolocation
  • Seamless integration with Oculus Rift, VR and smart technologies
  • Apps for everywhere commerce and everywhere banking

Whom is it for


Would get a flawless solution at the beginning of their growth


Can add some spice to their ready-made mobile solutions


Will be able to strengthen their position and find new opportunities

How it works

  • 1. Project scoping and analysis

    We will work with you to identify the scope of work and key milestones of the project you are running. You will get a clear vision of the required team profile, as well as project duration and costs needed to meet your business needs.
  • 2. Discovery and Design

    Together we will develop a Project Plan and High Level Design. During this stage business requirements are translated into project schedule, engineering team profile, and software design.
  • 3. Implementation and Testing

    During this stage we perform design and implementation of components and features of the software product. The product is also subjected to relevant types of testing to ensure all requirements are met.
  • 4. Acceptance, Sustain, Maintenance and Support

    Once your product goes live, feedback and requests from your end-users will follow. We will ensure that your product gets timely support, with all issues and requests resolved promptly. This stage also covers new product features development.

What you will get

Defined scope

We work with you to establish the project timeline and goals, and efficiently allocate the right resources for the task.

Quality assurance and warranty

We provide technical support to help you maintain and extend the project in the future.

Accurate project timeline

We guarantee to meet your deadlines for each stage of the project.

Budget control

We ensure financial transparency and accuracy throughout the development process and provide detailed plans every month to clearly demonstrate how the budget is spent.

IP & source code

You retain all intellectual property rights to the project source code developed by our team.

Plan/fact control

We deliver successful and reliable results by carefully monitoring the progress of the project at every stage throughout the development process.


Our Portfolio

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