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Internet banking UX and UI for Societe General subsidiary “Bank Republic”

     Bank Republic, a Societe Generale subsidiary in Georgia, approached us with a notable task: to design a new internet banking experience for their customers.

     In order to successfully tackle this project, we have integrated with their product development team and started by evaluating the current system. After obtaining data on client interaction with bank and their software, their needs and desires, gaps in the customer experience, as well as the bank’s requirements, we have analyzed the data, identified current issues and pain points and have come up with innovative ideas and solutions.

     We started by developing a prototype and continued working on its iterations and adjustments by adding, adjusting and tweaking additional solutions, services and options.

     When our UI/UX design finally answered all the pain points, issues and requirements, it underwent extensive testing to ensure it provided a spotless experience.

     After months of research, design, development and testing, a new, modern and intuitive interface was launched.